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Percussion Ensemble (all)

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  • All Aboard! | Kevin Bell


    The good old days of the steam train are brought to life in this small ensemble piece, featuring four percussionists, with two performing on brushes.
    ‘All Aboard!’ begins with the brushes creating the sound effect of steam, followed by the conductors whistle and a shout of “all aboard”. The piece takes us on a steam train journey using rhythms from the brushes, and drum kit supported by a driving bass line. Using tempo changes and rhythmic patterns to challenge any percussion ensemble with something a bit different.
    A good sound and visual programme show piece.

    Players: 5-6
    Duration: 2' 35″
    Difficulty: Intermediate – Advanced
    Audio Sample: All Aboard
    Sample Score: Score
  • Balkan Sun | Colin Shaw


    Inspired by a Bulgarian pop song, this intermediate is fun and toe-tapping.

    Players: 8
    Duration: 4' 00″
    Difficulty: Intermediate
    Audio Sample: Balkan Sun click “More.” and scroll down for video
    Sample Score: Score


  • Batterie | Colin Shaw


    Batterie is French for Percussion, and is a piece for 6 players, 2 of whom need to be competent with playing simple tuned parts. All the parts have plenty of percussion to enjoy!

    Players: 1: Xylophone, Sus. Cymbal
    2: Glockenspiel, Clash Cymbal, Triangle
    3: Snare Drum, Tom-toms
    4: Mounted Tambourine, Woodblock
    5: Bass Drum, Referee And Train Whistles
    6: Timpani, Sus. Cymbal
    Duration: 4′ 30″
    Difficulty: Easy
    Audio Sample: Coming Soon
    Sample Score: Score
  • Call It a Day | Colin Shaw


    There are three versions of this piece of music for 4 players: One is quite simple, the next adds something for the conductor to play, and the last one is slightly more challenging
    especially at the beginning and at the end. All of the players exclaim the names of foods and days of the week throughout the piece.

    Players: 4 percussion players plus conductor
    Duration: 3' 30″
    Difficulty: Easy – Intermediate
    Audio Sample: Coming soon
    Sample Score: Score
  • GCSE | Colin Shaw


    A serious comedy percussion piece, and a theatrical performance. Needs minimum resources, and can be performed with variable numbers of players! Click MORE…. for a video performance!

    Players: Variable
    Duration: 3' 57″
    Difficulty: Intermediate
    Audio Sample: Click MORE…. for a video performance
    Sample Score: Score
  • Get Shirty | Colin Shaw


    An intermediate level piece for 6 percussionists with lots of interest. A very attractive concert piece with the potential for tremendous theatricality.

    Duration: 3 mins

    Players: 6 (click More … for line-up)

    Difficulty: Intermediate
    Audio Sample: Get Shirty
    Sample Score: Score
  • He Shall Rain Snares | Colin Shaw


    This ensemble piece for 7 percussionists packs a punch with 4 snare drums; cross rhythms, aerobatics and lots of fun stuff.

    Players: 7
    Duration: 2' 50″
    Difficulty: Intermediate
    Audio Sample: He Shall Rain Snares
    Sample Score: Score


  • Internal Angles | Justin Breame


    Inspired by a complex maths homework, a complex rhythm is made into a catchy riff for 5 percussionists.

    Players: 5
    Duration: 3' 40″
    Difficulty: Intermediate
    Audio Sample: Internal Angles
    Sample Score: Score
  • Jambo | Colin Shaw


    A minimalist piece in structure building to a climax with fun shouting in Swahili.

    Duration: 2' 40″
    Difficulty: Easy but with 2 more challenging parts
    Audio Sample: Jambo
    Sample Score: Score
  • Locomotion | Kevin Bell


    An intermediate piece using some of the main instruments from the percussion section that most bands would have, namely – Drum kit, 2 Timpani, 3 Toms (or Rototoms ) and a few common auxiliary percussion instruments.
    Locomotion was inspired by sounds heard while travelling on a train. Using various instruments to convey trains coming from the distance, going through tunnels, freight trains thundering by, and a general sense of moving along – use your imagination to work out which sounds represent what!

    Players: 5
    Duration: 2' 51″
    Difficulty: Intermediate
    Audio Sample: Locomotion
    Sample Score: Score
  • Lullaby for Barnaby


    This is a piece for 6 players of higher intermediate level.
    The title is derogatory – written when Colin's son was keeping him awake when he was a baby!
    Counting is very important for all parts, especially as the 6/8 time signature at the beginning is disrupted by hemiolas.
    The tin bath is optional. A tray will have the same musical effect, but the drama of a performance of Lullaby for Barnaby makes this an experience to remember.

    Players: 1: Floor Tom, Cowbell
    2: Clash Cymbal, Triangle, Concert Toms
    3: Small Tom, Large Tom
    4: Tambourine, Bucket of Gravel
    5. Snare Drum, Woodblock
    6: 2 Susp. Cymbals
    Duration: 4 55″
    Difficulty: Intermediate
    Audio Sample: Coming soon
    Sample Score: Score
  • Midsummer 5 | Colin Shaw


    Entry level piece for 5 players, where parts can be doubled-up, and there are several featured techniques to master.

    Players: 5
    Duration: 2' 20″
    Difficulty: Elementary
    Audio Sample: Midsummer 5
    Sample Score: Score