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All Aboard! | Kevin Bell


The good old days of the steam train are brought to life in this small ensemble piece, featuring four percussionists, with two performing on brushes.
‘All Aboard!’ begins with the brushes creating the sound effect of steam, followed by the conductors whistle and a shout of “all aboard”. The piece takes us on a steam train journey using rhythms from the brushes, and drum kit supported by a driving bass line. Using tempo changes and rhythmic patterns to challenge any percussion ensemble with something a bit different.
A good sound and visual programme show piece.

Players: 5-6
Duration: 2' 35″
Difficulty: Intermediate – Advanced
Audio Sample: All Aboard
Sample Score: Score


The layout of the ensemble will really enhance the performance of this piece and create an interesting ‘stereo like effect’. A good layout would be: drum kit centre, bass guitar and auxiliary
percussion either side of kit, Percussion 1 far left, Percussion 2 far right.
It is also useful to have the snare drums tuned to a different pitch, one higher and the other lower.
The lead part of the ensemble is the Percussion 1 (snare). This part dictates the tempo and dynamics, all ensemble players need to listen to this part, to make sure the ensemble stays musically tight.
The bass guitar would be the preferred choice to accompany this piece, but adding piano or substituting with piano will equally work well.

Percussion 1: Snare Drum (Brushes)
Percussion 2: Snare Drum (Brushes)
Percussion 3: Drum Kit
Percussion 4: Cowbell, Woodblock
Piano and/or Bass Guitar

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Sheet Music, PDF Download