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GCSE | Colin Shaw


A serious comedy percussion piece, and a theatrical performance. Needs minimum resources, and can be performed with variable numbers of players! Click MORE…. for a video performance!

Players: Variable
Duration: 3' 57″
Difficulty: Intermediate
Audio Sample: Click MORE…. for a video performance
Sample Score: Score


GCSE is a theatrical performance!
This piece is ideally played with each part doubled up, so the optimum number of players is 8, however it could also work tripled up!
Each player needs a separate desk, and a fairly sturdy one! 4 in front and 4 behind. The parts need to be lightly taped to the desk (so that it is easy to rip them off at the end of performance), with a separate A4 blank page next to it for the scribbling. Right handers need the score to their left, with scribbling page to their right, and vice versa for lefthanders.
Pens should be sturdy enough to withstand punishing stabs. The ones used originally needed to be glued in the middle so that they didn’t explode!

GCSE performed by the Norwich High School for Girls Percussion Ensemble

Players sit at a desk, with paper and a pen, as though sitting an examination

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PDF, Sheet Music