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Get Shirty | Colin Shaw


An intermediate level piece for 6 percussionists with lots of interest. A very attractive concert piece with the potential for tremendous theatricality.

Duration: 3 mins

Players: 6 (click More … for line-up)

Difficulty: Intermediate
Audio Sample: Get Shirty
Sample Score: Score


Get Shirty is an intermediate level piece for 6 players, with lots of interest making it an attractive concert choice. Its’ driving rhythms and fun themes make it popular with performers and the audience alike.
Get Shirty uses wooden broomsticks which, along with other visual devices, give it tremendous theatricality. Listen to the recording which superbly showcases its exciting and appealing character.

“Get Shirty” performed by the Malcolm Arnold Academy Northampton Percussion Ensemble

Percussion 1: Broomstick, Snare Drum, Whistle
Percussion 2: Broomstick, Roto-toms, Whistle
Percussion 3: Broomstick, Wood Block, Whistle
Percussion 4: Broomstick, Cowbell, Whistle
Percussion 5: Broomstick, Drum Kit, Whistle
Percussion 6: Broomstick, Floor Tom, Ride Cymbal, Whistle

ISMN: 979-0-708127-07-9

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