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Smoky Mirrors | Colin Shaw


A real favourite, unfolding like a story, with driving semiquavers and Latin rhythms for six percussionists. Difficulty: Intermediate level.

Players: 6
Duration: 2' 45″
Difficulty: Intermediate
Audio Sample: Smoky Mirrors
Sample Score: Score


An intermediate piece for 6 players, Smoky Mirrors is a real favourite with percussion ensembles. Unfolding like a story, its various themes repeat throughout the piece.
There are stick clicks and hand claps to add variety and drama.
There is a driving semi-quaver feel dominating the latter part of the piece which acts as a foundation for syncopated Latin-esque rhythms.

Percussion 1: Shaker, 5 Temple Blocks, Susp. Cym., Chimes, Woodblock
Percussion 2: Roto-toms, C/B’s
Percussion 3: Mounted Tambourine, Snare Drum
Percussion 4: Drum Kit
Percussion 5: Timpani, Cymbal
Percussion 6: Bass Drum, Ride Cymbal

ISMN: 979-0-708127-25-3

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