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Variations on a One-sided Conversation | Percussion Duet | Justin Breame


A percussion duet created by notating the sound of a voice discovered on an old Dictaphone.

Players: 2
Duration: 5' 30″
Difficulty: Expert
Audio Sample: Variations on a One sided conversation
Sample Score: Score



This composition came about with the discovery of an accidentally recorded conversation on an old dictaphone, where only one of the voices was particularly audible. The rhythm of the voice was notated and is played in percussion part 1, and subsequently varied.
The second part remains obstinately solid and unyielding until the very end, where it starts to interact with the first part.
The composition uses the technique of ‘phasing’ which is frequently used in minimalist pieces, where one part accelerates, while the other does not. This gives an impression
of chaos until the part reaches a new, unified rhythm.
The first percussion part has an improvised section where the second percussion part is written, but the second part should follow the soloists dynamic closely.

Percussion 1: Ride Cymbal, Snare Drum, High Tom, Medium Tom
Percussion 2: Two Low (Floor) Toms or different pitches, Bass Drum

ISMN: 979-0-708127-79-6

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