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Welcome to Sibelius Tips and Tricks for Teachers and Students

Welcome to the dottedquaver blog for teachers, students or any users of Sibelius notation software.
Our aim is to create an online community of interest to any user of Sibelius from beginner to advanced, whether to learn, or to help others to make best use of this highly advance piece of software.
We’ll post tips and tricks which we feel are of interest of might help our subscribers, as well as news items taken from the wider world of Sibelius users, if we’ve solved one of our long-standing difficulties – we’ll share it with you.
Please ask questions – however simple they may seem. Sibelius is a highly complex piece of software. Very few people have all the answers, but if you have a question, we can guarantee that someone has asked the same question before.
We need experienced users to take an interest and help out colleagues, students and users too. It’s not just about asking, it’s about helping less experienced users too.
We will soon be adding links on this page to sign up for the blog. In the meantime, simply send an email to to register as a user.

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